RSI Show off Planetary Landings

In the recent Star Citizen News letter we got some interesting information about the upcoming additions to the game. The main addition being the rrocedurally generated planets and moons that will soon be added to the game in 3.0 update, these are one of the main things that have been shown off and teased over the past year and, now they’re finally getting round to adding them into the game.

Another interesting addition is the ship above, it’s called Nox and if you can’t tell it’s a space racing bike basically but it lost fantastic, it was on concept sale which has now finished so you’ve missed your chance to get one, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get your hands on one when the game is fully released eventually. for more info about the Nox click here

Now there is so much in this months studio report so I’ll list a few then link the website.

  • Engineering
  • Ship Team
  • Tech Art
  • Character Team
  • Narrative
  • UI
  • Animation

and so much more, if you’d like to look further at these click here

Or here is the Studio Update Video



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