The Thargoids are back!

So we’ve got some hot news straight from the Pleiades Sector, this alien base, and it’s full of secrets but no sign of the thargoids themselves only some form of galaxy map in the roof of the main hall area when you link up an Unknown Probe, Artifact and Device into 3 slots around the centre and then you see. Believed to be a one time thing for each person.

A clip of the stream where they got scanned is here

Then on the way to exiting the base, one random person on stream got scanned by a Thargoid ship, just like before but in the SRV instead, and as usual it flies off without a single idea of what it’s doing and why.

Another interesting piece of information that’s also been found is that if you take the sound file from the unknown Device and run it through Audio Spectrography software you’ll find an image in the audio that we currently have no idea what it means, only that the System on the left of the image is strongly believed to be Merope as all the unknown artefacts pointed towards Merope, as for the one on the right the currently theory is that, this one appears to be Sol, no actual facts to back this up, but if you count the planets then it seems to make some form of sense.


(^This being the Original image from)

(^And this is an image that CMDR Etre Anger made)

As the Thargoids attacked Federation ships that we’re transporting data that we had collected from scanning the Thargoid ships, and Sol is currently under the control of the Federation, could this be an invasion of our Homeworld Sol? is this where the thargoids will start their invasion of the bubble? only time will tell

FTG – Joe

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