Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds To Roster With Time Traveling Warrior

Just before E3 this year, there were leaks that Arc System Works, the company responsible for the Guilty Gear games, would be making a traditional Dragon Ball Z fighting game. It would be a mix of 3D elements on a 2D stage.


There were 1 or 2 screenshots released with this leak to whet people’s appetites. Now fast forward to Sunday, June 11th. Microsoft has their E3 presentation. Fellow FTG members and I were sitting in Discord watching it together, we got about an hour or so in and all of a sudden, we saw good old Goku fixing his Ki and stretching before a fight. Needless to say, we all lost it. This was it. The trailer for the fighting game. It was better than we could have imagined it. A 3v3, 2.5D Dragon Ball fighting game. It was a gift from the heavens.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since E3, and yesterday Shueisha released their new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. In the issue was a page dedicated to info about FighterZ. In the midst of the info was a picture showing off a new fighter. None other that the Android and Cell Saga’s Future Trunks. It was pretty much a guarantee that Trunks would be in the game anyway, but it’s still nice to see they’re teasing more of the roster.


We will be bringing you more updates on this game as more comes out. Stay tuned. Dragon Ball FighterZ will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018, with a Closed Beta expected before the end of this summer.





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