The latest for Elite Dangerous 2.4

So as you may have seen in the past week is the news that in Elite Dangerous 2.4 the Thargoids from the original Elite Games and Lore. Now this was released as part of the community live streams with E3, though not a lot was revealed we do however have some idea to when it will arrive, which btw will be added in Q3 this year but constant updates will most likely arrive throughout the coming months.

Now this has split the community in half, some are happy and excited for the arrival of the Thargoids but others are more annoyed that they used E3 to show off this but didn’t show or release any actually changes or new features coming within the 2.4. I myself are a bit 50/50 as well, I like the story and lore of Elite and can’t wait to see how we’re going to be engaging this new threat, but then I’m slightly disappointed that they didn’t show off anything new considering it was around E3. I understand that they we’re community live streams and that this what you’d expect to see from these kind of events, I guess me and a lot of the community got our hopes up a bit too high at the idea of new features.

I was present during the community even and did find myself at the location in game when the reveal trailed below was shown.

then shortly after the trailer we got another video from Director David Braben explaining about the Thargoids, it doesn’t go too in depth about the new update, but it shines a little light on the Thargoids coming in 2.4

Other than shown above not much else has been said about other features coming later this year, the next time we might hear anything will be this weekend at Lavecon more can be found here.

if you want more information about Elite Dangerous as well as this blog, I recommend an excellent youtuber called ObsidianAnt who explains all this and more.

FTG – Joe

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