Dynasty Warriors 9 to introduce open world and other features

Earlier today, Koei Tecmo released a new trailer for the 9th installment of it’s beloved series, Dynasty Warriors. For those unfamiliar with the genre, the ‘Warriors’ or ‘Musou’index titles are a series of ‘Hack and Slash’ games that focuses on the war for power in ancient China. The games tend to function on a level, or mission based mechanic. You progress through the story fighting battles that feature you, a small army of allies, and a hell of a lot of enemy soldiers. The game uses the term “one versus thousands” to sum up it’s style of gameplay.

Along with their main line of titles, Koei Tecmo have released a bunch of spin-off titles with this same style of gameplay. Brands such as Zelda, One-Piece and Berserk have had this treatment with a mainly positive reception. I myself have played Hyrule Warriors


and Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, and it’s fair to say I’ve sunk many hours into the addicting play style.

The new trailer  revealed that the DW9 is going to be Open world. Allowing players to scale mountains, buildings and to use grappling hooks to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Along with these new movement mechanics, some new combat mechanics have been introduced as well. One major new feature gives you the ability to shoot oil barrels with a bow and arrow to create an explosion that is sure to turn the tide in battle.


The barrels aren’t the only new combat feature however. A new Combo System has been introduced. This brings in 3 new styles of attacks for players to experiment with. Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks and Finish Attacks, each type stronger than the other. Trigger attacks are basically the opening moves to a devastating combo, these then lead into the Flow Attacks which change to the enemies current state in the battle. Once you’ve mastered these two attack types and pulled off a successful combo, it will lead into the Finish Attacks. These finishers are guaranteed to finish off any stragglers in their range.


These new mechanics are sure to be a welcomed addition to the already exciting and fast paced style of the Warriors games. Sadly there’s been no word yet as to when Koei Tecmo are releasing DW9 (Shin Sangokumusou 8) in Japan or over here in the old West. On the games Wikipedia article it states that “As of May 2017, the game is 40% complete.” So if all goes well we should be seeing it over here late this year or early 2018. We will be bringing you more news when it gets announced. Be sure to keep an eye out.



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