We’re LIVE! Welcome to Feed The Games

Feed The Games, a brand new group project founded by me and created by a group of friends from the great land of the West Midlands, England! We are dedicated to delivering news, reviews and more in a modern style with a target for the younger generation. We want to give the younger generation the best start in the gaming industry by broadening their horizon when it comes to what they play on their preferred platform.

However, the fundamental purpose of this website is to deliver quality news and reviews of video games from a group of dedicated gamers since the day of birth. Welcome to Feed the Games.

feed the
Feed The Games © 2017


We have 7 confirmed writers across the group in which will be writing based on their personal tastes in which allows news to be categorized into these sections;

  • Mainline News (Everyone)
  • Weeb World (FTG-George & FTG-James)
  • BlizzAlert (FTG-Connor)
  • Above & Beyond (FTG-Joe)
  • Nintendrone (FTG-Ben)
  • Reviews (Everyone)

We look forward to you reading our posts and we hope you see us grow into something special!

For now, enjoy the first posts coming out – they may be a little shoddy, to begin with.



Founder & Writer



2 thoughts on “We’re LIVE! Welcome to Feed The Games

  1. Please remove my domain name from your unlicensed brand or i’ll be taking legal action for copyright.


    1. I’d be happy to assist you with your query, contact me @feedthegames on Twitter


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